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About Annapoorna Agencies

Annapoorna has proved itself as a strong partner over the years developing core strengths that have been instrumental in its growth. The best distribution agency since 1987.


Our passion and love to learn new and varied things drives us and there is always something new to learn in this industry. We have grown in this industry and our passion, with which we work helps us open doors to new opportunities and continue to grow in any weather!


About 3 decades of hard work in this field, gives us a cutting edge over any other and we continue to excel in our industry with the support of the team and our valuable customers. The high performance throughout the entire organization and every process performed gives you the best end result.


We aim to provide the best user experience which is achieved by segregation of tasks and assigning them to the most capable member of the team for efficient results. Our process and work division is done in the best and effective way so as to remain on top and work smartly at optimal capacity.


We value our customers more than ourselves and at all times strive to provide best, effective and reliable services. Our consistent efforts to protect and provide safe user experience helps us achieve our customers trust and we continue to build the confidence with every step we take forward in this journey.


Communication and accountability can be found in every ounce of our organization. We believe transparency builds trust, and higher the ethical standards higher the trust. Thus our team is more engaged and committed to the vision of our company. Not just the team and management, transparency exists in all our relations with partners, customers and vendors.


Great passion and striving for excellence in the most reliable and transparent manner to play the most crucial and efficient role, one needs to be flexible and we at Annapoorna Agencies are adaptable to any circumstance and with a common goal strike at the right time to deliver utmost satisfaction to our customers.


Cadbury India Limited
(1987 – 1988)


Cadbury India Limited, Ricket & Benckiser, Kothari products


Cadbury India Limited, Kothari products, Wipro


Cadbury India Limited, Kothari products, HUL


Cadbury India Limited, Kothari products, HUL, Bharati Airtel


Kothari products, HCL, Bharati Airtel, Motrola, Samsung
(2005- 2006)


Kothari products, Bharati Airtel, Nokia


Bharati Airtel, Nokia
(2011 – 2014)


Bharati Airtel, Nokia, Microsoft
(2014 – 2015)


Nokia, Microsoft, Panasonic, Intex, hTc
(2015- 2016)


Panasonic,Relaince JIO, Micromax, Oppo, Cooplad
(2016- 2017)

Xiaomi India Technologies
(Since 2017)
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