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Apply for Territory Sales Manager
Job details

Roles and Responsibilities 

    1. To achieve Sell Through and Sell out Target in all product categories
    2. Responsible for accounts receivables, payment collection & reconciliation of accounts and managing Outlet issues.
    3. To maintain Outlet Hygiene Parameters as per the company norm , Appointment of Buddies, MI Zone availability, Specs book, TV Wall, Counter Share tracking, Sales uploads in MI Smart App.
    4. Ensuring visibility of our products and liaising with the Marketing team w.r.t merchandising and promotions in, increase in brand visibility and promoting sales in the area.
    5. Bench marking competitor activity and finding new opportunities to increase penetration in the area.
    6. Outlet Expansion, targeting best foot print in the Industry
    7. Width of Distribution maintenance, Focus models drive/ Availability in all the outlets.
    8. Social Media activities to create hype and drive sales, tele calling activity.
    9. Reporting- Morning Commitments and day end performance reporting.
    10. Promoter/ Buddy productivity ownership.
    11. Product based sales drive, Water purifier, Insurance, TV, Laptops, Accessories, drive through activities.
    12. Achieving secondary sales targets month on month
    13. Achieving Focus product targets – both quantity and value – month on month
    14. Drive for results – passion to excel in the group. Proactive working is necessary
    15. To achieve the sales / revenue target from new and existing Outlets.
    16. To create / maintain excellent relationships with Outlets and with the outlet Owner
    17. Ensure timely collection of all revenue from Outlets
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    Apply for Area Sales Executive
    Job details

    Roles and Responsibilities

    1. Achieve sales target (Sell out/ Sell in) of their designated territory.
      • Daily Sales vs. Achievement tracking (sell in /sell out)- Mobile & Accessories
      • Product wise evaluation/ Retailer wise.
      • Focus model planning & performance.
    2. New outlet opening plan in case of any vacant location.
      • Visiting potential market, identify potential outlets and evaluating for new appointment.
    3. Stock supply, payment planning and inventory management.
      • Stock supply- Delivery of stock in a day time
      • Payment Planning- Weekly planning with TL
      • Inventory Management-
    4. Product training.
      • Coordinating for monthly training by Company
    5. Product /scheme communication & training to Partners.
      • Ensure written communication reaches retailer and acknowledgement
    6. Market hygiene management (MOP VOILATION, INFILTRATION)
      • Bill book verification for MOP check
      • Tracking the infiltration outlets and arrange for IMEI nos ( at least three )
    7. Market information investigation and feedback.
      • Tracking the competition new models and their pricing
      • Tracking fast moving models, feature comparison.
      • Brand wise retailer schemes, finance schemes and consumer offers
    8. Coordination with
      • Logistics for billing as per the allocation and track the
      • Merchandisers for ensuring the Brand visibility
      • Back end team for timely credit note settlement and account reconciliations wherever required.
      • Adhering to credit norms by the partners
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